34D boobs

Back in school, a D-grade was practically as bad as a failing grade. Getting a D-cup pair of breasts, on the other hand, was and still very much is a total success in my books! 34D boobs are truly large tits that offer you lots of bounce and command your attention whenever a chick blessed with knockers like these walks by. Seeing them squeezed into a skin-tight dress or barely staying put when contained in a sexy bra is seductive to say the least. There's a reason so many pornstars have their breasts enhanced to this size and that's because nothing looks hotter than a pair of 34Ds. These beautiful breasts look great when slick and slippery, meaning covered in cum, lotions and saliva. It's also at this size when you can expect to enjoy some perfectly round hooters that are too big for you to hold using your hands.

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